4 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy

Do you need a place to live? You need to decide if you want to rent a property or if you want to buy the property. Most people will tell you that buying your new home is the best of the two options and for most people, it does make sense to become a homeowner. However, renting a home is not out of the question and is not always a bad investment decision. There are ample reasons why you’d want to buy instead of rent, but just as many reasons why you’d want to rent a house instead of buy. Finest Invest offers a few reasons why renting is the ideal solution over buying a house.

1. No Upfront Money

When you buy a house, you need to put a down payment on the home. The down payment amount is usually about 20% of the purchase price of the house. This can be a lot of money for some people. If that is a lot of money for you to come up with, renting is ideal because it require no upfront money or down payments. If you do not have that kind of money lying around and do not have the means to get it, or if you cannot afford the mortgage payment, renting is the best solution.

2. Poor Credit

If you have poor credit buying might not be ideal for you because you might find it impossible to keep up with the monthly mortgage payments, insurance, etc. due to the higher rates charged. It is best if you look at your credit report and make changes as quickly as you can if you want to buy. But, until you have spruced up the credit, renting might be ideal.

3. It is Easier

There is a lot of work involved in renting or buying a home, but anyone can tell you that it is much easier to get things done when you are renting the place. If you buy, there’s an assortment of paperwork to complete and lots of people to deal with. That is not the case when you rent.

4. Flexibility

Renting is ideal for those who are unsure of their future plans. It is great for those who do not like staying put too long. It is wonderful for anyone who enjoys flexibility in their life. Why hold yourself down when there is a world out there for you to live? When you rent a home, you can easily pick up and move on whenever you are ready.

Renting Might be Right for You

Finest Invest

Finest Invest helps you make the best decisions concerning your future and hopes the information found here is beneficial to you and your housing situation. Although many people focus on buying a house that simply might not be what is right for their personal needs, that is okay. Use these details to help you learn if you should rent or buy. It is just that easy.