8 Great Ways to Find Jobs in Trucking

Do you want to find a great truck driving job? If so, don’t stress it, because there are so many ways that you can work your way into an exciting new career in trucking with a company that you’ll love being a part of. It is a good idea that you use as many ideas for finding these jobs as possible. You don’t want to miss a thing! To get you started, let’s look at eight simple ways to find a great truck driving job near you.

1.    Ask Friends

Friends are usually a great source of information, so why not find out what they know? Sometimes referral bonuses are offered, so there’s even more reason to give you a referral.

2.    Newspapers

Newspapers oftentimes feature classified ad sections that list jobs in the truck driving industry. Browse the classifieds, and you’re sure to find a plethora of jobs that match your needs and qualifications.

3.    Truck Company Websites

Is there a popular truck company in town that you’d like to work for? If so, visit their website to learn more about applying for a position, whether you do that on their website or elsewhere.

4.    Online


Everyone is online these days, looking for friends, jobs, and more. And so, there is little wonder that many truck driving jobs are posted on the web. If you’ve not already prepared a resume, it’s a good time to do so since this is something you will likely need to apply for a truck driving job online.

5.    Social Media

Are you a member of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social networking site? If so, this may lead you to the truck driving career of your dreams. So many people communicate via these sources, and using them can put you on the right road to a great job.

6.    Truck Stops

If there is a truck stop in your local area, there may be plenty of job listings posted for you to browse. And, there’s always plenty of truckers inside who might be able to provide useful information pertaining to a job in the industry, if you’re willing to ask them.

7.    Job Boards

Many job boards are featured online these days, although they’re not limited to the web only. These boards provide listings of jobs in and near your local area, making it easy to search for multiple jobs in one spot. Most of these boards are free to use.

8.    TV Commercials

This isn’t a regular way to get a job or a referral, but it may pay off if you’re sitting around flipping through the TV one day. Sometimes truck driving companies advertise their need for drivers via commercials, providing the details you need to get started.

There are so many ways to find great jobs in trucking, including the eight listed above. Use them, and in no time, you’ll have a great career in trucking that you love.